Teen Climbs Egypt’s Great Pyramid And Takes Photos! Unbelievable!


Sometimes people are capable of crazy acts for the sake of an unusual photo.

For the beautiful pictures, lovers of Selfie climb to skyscrapers, bridges and other dangerous objects. Such photos are now at the peak of popularity. Experts say that soon the fashion will pass. Death for the photo is no longer a rare exception.

Rather, regularity and sad statistics. About frivolous fun began to speak at a high level. Complain, as a rule, parents. First of all, the problems begin with the parents, because children, young people, teenagers, instead of learning, working, helping something around the house, they begin to photograph themselves and put it in social networks.

Some people are willing to sit for a few hours in a swamp or water.

For them, this is not a problem if the subject for shooting is a rare animal and the photographer has enough patience. For the spectacular winter photo is not terrible nor blizzard nor severe frost.

And some are even ready to sit for hours in such weather with complete equipment. It happens that wildlife dwellers even attack such extreme photographers. Our hero is Andrej Ciesielski — 18-year-old German tourist.

He illegally scaled Egypt’s great pyramid of Giza, in broad daylight. He climbed nearly 500 feet to the top of Giza. In spite of the fact that it is forbidden and a possible three-year jail sentences if convicted. After all, the Egyptian police stopped him halfway. Authorities made him delete his photos but they were unaware he could recover the files.

He is really crazy but you should see it.