Single Man Adopts 3 Foster Kids Before He Turned 30


He did a good deed! God bless his family!

Orphaned children living in a shelter or orphanage are subject to the conditions to which they are accustomed to moving to others, in particular, to a new family. Employees of children’s institutions constantly observe how the child is experiencing changes in the already established way of life.

In order to understand the adaptation process, you must imagine that you were suddenly transferred to a completely new unfamiliar place, and this happened in addition to your desire and without any preliminary preparation.

What will you experience? Probably, your condition will be close to shock, and you will be confused.

The duration of this moment depends on the characteristics of your psychotype or features of the nervous system. Variants of behavior can be different: from the desire to escape and return to their former place to stupefy.

When the shock is over, you will probably start to look around, to notice who is next to you, and to make attempts to settle in a new place. Getting into new conditions, the adopted child and his new parents will experience about the same conditions, which are called adaptation – the process of getting used to, rubbing, people to each other, to changed conditions and circumstances.

Adaptation in a new family is a two-way process, because it is necessary to get used to each other both for the child who finds himself in a new environment and for the adult – to the changed conditions. The hero of our video below had overcome all difficulties.

Now he has already 3 adopted children and they have a happy family.