Little Adorable Koala Loves Cuddling Most of All And Can’t Stop Doing That!


Too cute for words!

The koala is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial from Australia. In general, they are similar to wombats, but they have thicker fur, larger ears and longer limbs. The koala has large sharp claws, helping it with walking on tree trunks.

Their weight varies from 5 kg to 14 kg. Koalas inhabit eucalyptus forests, spend almost all their lives in the crowns of trees. During the day the koala sleeps, settling on the branches of trees; at night climbing trees, looking for food.

Even if the koala does not sleep, it usually sits for hours in total motionless. Koala is immobile 16-18 hours a day. On the ground, the koala descends only to go to a new tree, to which it cannot jump.

They jump from the tree to the tree surprisingly cleverly and confidently. Slowness of the koala is associated with the peculiarities of its nutrition. It has adapted to eat an exclusively shoots and eucalyptus leaves that are fibrous and contain little protein.

Because of this, they have little energy. Koalas have poor eyesight, but stunningly good sense of smell and hearing. The most surprising fact about koalas is that their fingerprints are almost identical to human fingerprints.

In Australia, you can visit “Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary” is a 44-acre Koala Sanctuary. Here you can see how they look like and how they used to live. Their slowness gives a special charm. Just look at this.

Very cute koala bear loves cuddling so much. So cute!