Happy Horse Can’t Stop Smiling While Being Pet!


She enjoys that so much!

The person can rely on the friendly attitude of the horse only if he loves his pet and keeps it in good conditions. But there is one more moment when dealing with a horse. People know how to speak and sometimes forget that there is a body language.

Animals have more developed body language. Deprived of the opportunity to speak, they express all their emotions with the help of facial expressions and body language. In their environment, animals understand each other perfectly.

Yes it is really so. For example, horses wag their tail when they do not like something. Knowledge of horse language can be very useful not only to professional trainers and instructors, but also for beginners and not experienced horse owners.

To understand that a horse listens and pays attention to you is very simple — it eyes and ears will be pointed in your direction. This especially helps the instructors who work with the horse.

If the horse paid attention to the coach, it will be clear in the direction of the look and position of the ears. There are so many funny and useful things that a horse can do with the mouth. The horse’s mouth is almost like a hand for a man.

They can take and hold things, push and roll them, drink from a bottle, smile and much more. Yes it sounds strange, but horses know how to smile. If in doubt, you can watch this video. This horse is very funny and smiling.

Now I believe that everything is possible.