Elvis Presley Is Such a Perfection When Sings “Return To Sender”


King forever!

“Return to Sender” is a hit, recorded by the legendary singer Elvis Presley. It instantly became popular, and the meaning of this love ballad is obvious. The man is sad that his girlfriend broke up with him, and he sends her a love letter, because he cannot believe that their relationship is over.

The love of his life, on the other hand, ignores the correspondence, implying there are going to be no second chances and no coming back. She invents numerous reasons to return the letter by post.

She uses the phrase “return to sender” every time she needs to do it, and that’s what gave the composition its name.

Elvis manages to belt out words from the bottom of his heart, and when he comes to the part of the song, where the girl indicates that the address is unknown, you think that you are going to cry from an emotional overload.

The composition was featured in the film “Girls, Girls, Girls”, and Elvis makes his appearance fabulous, as usual. He could turn any song into a masterpiece, and for those, who have never heard about “Return to Sender” before, this may be a music discovery of the century.

The melody never gets old, and the soul-affirming act lifts your mood in the matter of seconds. No one can sing this song like Elvis does, and you have to see him below. You will be amazed by the sheer fabulousness of this man. He conquers you right from the start.

Watch now and enjoy the sound!