When This Dad Saw His Daughter In a Wedding Dress He Couldn’t Hold His Tears.


I’m crying too! So moving!

White wedding dress it is ageless and not losing its popularity classics. Today, little girls from small years are delighted with white wedding dresses of brides, wedding dress of their beloved doll and homemade dress from mother’s white skirt.

They a priori perceive the white color of the solemn outfit as a symbol of a grandiose love festival, an indispensable element of the wedding ceremony. A few centuries ago, the white wedding dress of the French Queen Anne of Austria to celebrate the wedding with Louis XIII was received by the public with an extravagant caprice, a fanciful desire to stand out, although it impressed and captivated numerous hearts.

Today, wedding salons offer mostly white outfits and you can get lost in choosing the style of the dress, but there is little to doubt about its color.

Psychologists explain the mass popularity of white in the wedding theme by features of the human psyche and color perception of the world. White color carries the characteristics of perfection and completeness, expresses complete freedom for opportunities, means the adoption of an absolute and final solution.

All these signs are inherent in the wedding, which means that the white wedding dress very clearly conveys the significance of the event. So, choosing the color of the dress for the wedding, it should be remembered that:

– 95% of men are not interested in wedding fashion and just believe that the wedding dress should be white.

– White color symbolizes all those kind and light qualities. It is very bright and festive.

– A snow-white outfit will favorably “highlight” your happy face. Have a look at the father’s emotions that saw his daughter in a white dress.

This is the effect of a color.