Adorable Orphaned Otters Have Fun In Pile Of Leaves For the First Time


The river otter is an interesting beast.

It is interesting not only because of its practical and durable fur. This is a very friendly creature, which can be kept in captivity without any problems. With proper education, the river otter can be easily trained, because it is a peaceful animal that is not inclined to show aggression towards a person.

Otters can be found throughout Western Europe, as well as in Asia. Also, they are not a rare guest even near the southern border of Hindustan and China. The most comfortable place for them is rivers with a rapid current and stony bottom.

They love narrow rivers about 10-15 meters. Nowadays, there are about 90 thousand individuals of the river otter on our planet.

This animal is not too picky at food, so it can eat various kinds of fish. The main food is carp, trout, pike, small roach and carp. When the otter is on land, it is hunting for rodents, waders and frogs. Also, it can it large beetles and clams.

If you are determined to make otter as a pet, consider that you must create suitable conditions for this animal. There must be a deep pond with clean water. Also, you must create conditions for walking on the beach.

On an industrial scale, these animals are bred in large farms, where conditions practically do not differ from natural ones. But even with proper care, even experienced breeders are not able to provide everyone with fur products. The thing is that these animals too rarely bring offspring.

In the video below the small otters are playing. They see the autumn and fallen leaves for the first time. Their behavior resembles children who are lying in the snow.